HS Café Dinner Menu
    Saturday August 27th 2011

    Guacamole salsa chips
Chef's Choice

                                                          Torta de Masa
             A masa caserole of shredded pork, raisins,
almonds, olives and roasted tomatoes
topped with a poblano cream

Queillo Asado en Salsa Verde
roasted cheese in a
tomatillo sauce

Main Course

Filete Relleno de Salpicon
Seasoned red snapper fillet stuffed
with a shredded crab mixture
then baked

Filete al Chipotle
seared beef fillet served
on a corn tortilla in a chipotle , ancho,
 tomatillo sauce and topped with
melted cheese

Lomo de Puerco Relleno
  Roasted pork loin stuffed with a pork,
tomato, raisin and almond mixture
basted with ancho chile sauce
    Vegetarian option 
  Please pre-order at reservation

  This will be a prix-fixe menu @ $38/person + tax & gratuity
      First reservation @ 7:00 pm
   Please reserve early seating limited

   HS Café
    310 Warren St. Hudson, NY   518.822.0028